We Need Your Help!

Hey everybody!  Construction has been coming along slowly over the last month and I promise that we'll have some more updates for you in the coming week.

We are having one big problem, though: too much demand.  As I mentioned last time, we had a bunch of homes in Wita sign on to the project after other homes started paying to connect and, crucially, after we had already agreed on a budget with the local water ministry office. Unfortunately, that means that the burden falls on us.

As such, we're raising $8650 (€7800) to help get all these folks connected to piped water for the first time.  Check out the video above and if you can help us out with any little bit of funding, it'll go a long way.  A donation of $50 means that you can get more water to a home than they could ever carry on their backs.

Check out our project and help out!  Thanks!